Stranger Things Inspired Portrait Session

Remember the 80's? Love the 80's? Of course, you do! Do you want to know why? It wasn't just the totally awesome hair scrunchies or jean jackets, it was the fact that you were a kid back then and you didn't have to pay bills and go to work. Your job was to play. You woke up and ate your Cheerios so you'd have the energy go to play. Playing was a serious business that lasted from sun up to sun down. School or chores were the only things that would cause you to pause playing and then it was right back to your Cabbage Patch, Care Bear, Pac-Man, and Teddy Ruxpin. Playing is a very important role in a child's life and why should it stop as you get older? When you play you use your imagination and release stress. I recently watched the Netflix show Stranger Things and it made me feel young again. Being set in the 80's it gave me a happy nostalgic feeling and I was totally caught up in it all. My sister-in-law, (the one who told me I just had to watch it) and I decided it would be so fun to do a little Stranger Things inspired portrait session. We both love the characters, especially Eleven. She is magic. So we decided to just do it. It felt so good to laugh and play again! Sure, it was a little different being adults, we had to bring our kids and make sure they ate etc but the funny thing is they didn't even think twice about our setup and session. It's normal to them. They helped us get in the mood. We shot in my photography studio which is really just a 100-year-old house, so that really helped with the "vintage" feel of things. We spent a couple hours using our imagination and laughing our asses off before we went back to the real world and it was awesome. Everyone left happy! I hope you're inspired by the show and maybe even by our little photos to go have fun with your friends. Remember, life is so short and friends don't lie...but if you're lucky they do hang Christmas lights in August and wear weird clothes and pose for fun pictures for no real reason at all.


Play: To engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.